• Allergen and Sugar Free Tradtional Eating

    The purpose of this blog is to document my family's adventure into gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar (and more allergens to come) free eating while trying to maintain a traditional diet.

    This blog is for anyone interested in health, cooking, nutriition, autism, feeling good, or just me ;)
    I will be posting recipes, stories, pictures, information, resources, and other updates for your enjoyment! I'll be adding new stuff all of the time so please keep coming back to follow along!

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    Feast Without Yeast
    The Oasis Guide to Asperger's Syndrome

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Cross-Reactive Foods Your Body Could Treat Like Gluten and A Recipe I Can (Regretfully) Never Use Again

That past couple of months I haven’t been updating as much as I would have liked to but I have found out lots of great things that are helping me and that I want to pass on to all of you! First, I’m just going to come out and say that the elimination diet that we … Continue reading

Inflammation in Mommy Linked to Autism in Baby

Who’s seen this article in the Times? Pretty interesting, I was interested in the part that brought out that most of the people with autism are first-borns. And the other stuff too. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- An Immune Disorder at the Root of Autism By MOISES VELASQUEZ-MANOFF IN recent years, scientists have made extraordinary advances in understanding the … Continue reading

Fudge and Fudging

Since we can’t have chocolate I thought I would try carob because my friend said that her brother in-law gets canker sores in his mouth whenever he eats chocolate so he makes stuff with carob and it is actually pretty good. Now, I’m not sure if we are really supposed to have carob either on … Continue reading

Moroccan Lamb Stew w/ Yogurt and Rice

I bought half of a lamb from Grant Family Farms CSA a while ago, so the other day when I was looking for food I grabbed a package of lamb stew meat out of the freezer to defrost. I thought it would be nice to make a sweet spiced stew this time because the last lamb stew … Continue reading

Tropical Blondies and Aspergirls

I decided that a cool idea would be instead of making desserts and treats whenever I felt like it (several times a day) I would make a batch every Sunday, then we would have a reasonable amount of sweets and it would be something to look forward to. The thing about my ideas though is that … Continue reading

Pancakes in Bed

I love pancakes and waffles. My favorite meal has always been breakfast and my favorite breakfast food has always switched back and forth between pancakes and waffles. Since we remodeled our kitchen we put everything in boxes and the waffle maker hasn’t found it’s way back out yet and I am worried about it being … Continue reading

Creamy Buckwheat

Ugh. Appearently I’m not too good at this blogging thing because it is now day 16, meaing I lost over a week. Sorry. You know how you put something off once and then it piles up until you can’t unbury yourself, haha. So I think I will do a series of post about some of … Continue reading

“Good Broth Can Resurrect the Dead” -South American Proverb

You pretty much can never run out of good things to say about broth. If you’re about to get sick, have some and you won’t. If you are sick have some and you will get better. Good, homemade stocks and broth are essential. Auguste Escoffier was inspired to say, “Indeed, stock is everything in cooking… without … Continue reading

Day 5- Pasta Salad and Asparagus

Breakfast- Creamy Rice with Blueberries, Pears, and Cherries Lunch- Leftover Soup, Veggies, and Hummus Dinner- Pasta Salad and Asparagus Sprouts is having “Gluten Free Jubilee” which means that all gluten free items in the store are an extra 25% off! I bought lots of yummy things! I made a pasta salad with this new spiral rice pasta- … Continue reading